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A Crowbar?

Background from Instructor: I got an email from a student asking where they could find the reading on A Crowbar. It took me a few seconds but then I realized that they meant Alfred Louis Kroeber, an important anthropologist and Ursula K. Le Guin’s dad!

Email from student:  Where do I find the reading by A Crowbar?


Very confused

Background provided by Instructor:Despite detailed instructions, I received this email from a student. It just makes me think: SAY WHAT?!?! How will our university look when this student enters the workplace? Geez.

Email from Student: I am so confused. I am not understanding if I need to find my group member’s post and reply to them for what they said in part 1 or part 2.What exactly do we suppose to discuss from part 1? Like do we suppose to find research on everything we responded to the questions with or just search things on the topics we responded to.


How dare you take off points for being late!

An instructor sent this email they received from a student:

Student’s email: Hey, im writing about my participation: like I said, I think its unfair to cut points just for being late, you didn’t even ask why? And I had a meeting with my advisor. I just want to pass this class and be done.


Do I have to do the entire assignment?

Background provided by Instructor: One of the assignments for my online class involves answering a series of questions for each lesson. Each assignment is worth 5% of the final grade. I have rarely had this kind of email from a student:

Hello Sir,

Do we need to write in all 25 discussions for the 5 points? If not, what is the minimum number we need to discuss on lessons?



If it’s so hard to believe…..

Background provided by Instructor: In my large class of several hundred, I require weekly online quizzes over the textbook readings that count 30% of a student’s grade. In announcements at the start of class, I always remind students to be sure to log in to do their chapter quizzes and emphasize how important they are in terms of being factored into their final grade.  Four weeks into the semester, I wrote to the students who were missing any or all quizzes to remind them to take their quizzes before the deadline.  After the first four weeks of quizzes closed, I wrote again to any students who missed taking quizzes – in case there were technical or personal issues. Here is one email exchange with one student.

Dear (Student) –
I see you did not take three of the four required chapter quizzes by the due date. These quizzes have been open since the first day or class. Reminders were announced in class and I also sent you emails two weeks ago and then again last week before the quizzes closed. Can you let me know why you only took the first chapter quiz? – Professor x

Student reply: Well I did the first one, and I was talking to someone else from the class about how I did pretty well on it, and they said it doesn’t matter how well you do on them because they were just for check, not for a grade. I didn’t know the quizzes were mandatory. But you’re informing me otherwise right now. Does this mean I’m going to fail the semester even if I do the quizzes from now on and do well on them?

My reply: This is so hard for me to believe after all the in-class announcements and reminder emails. When you read over the syllabus you can also see that quizzes are worth one-third of your grade. please talk to your friend as well and set them straight so they know these count toward your final grade. – Professor x

Student reply: If it’s so hard to believe, then don’t believe it. I’ve withdrawn from my courses anyway and am returning next semester for a fresh start. Have a great rest of the semester.



Do I have to do all assignments?

Background provided by Instructor: My class requires students to submit three writing assignments. These account for one-third of the final grade in the class. To be honest, I am not even sure what the student is asking (when they refer to additional points for reading).

I’m currently in your course. I have a weird question. Is there a penalty if a student is unable to turn in one of the three papers required for the class? As far as my current circumstances I don’t beleive I will be able to turn in the third paper. I’m going to try my levels best but I don’t see it coming. So, just to prepare myself (and you), do you cut additional points when student can’t turn in the required reading in the class besides the points he/she will loose already for not turning in the assignment.


I am waiting by my computer for your emails

(sent to professor at almost midnight)

i am confused about the paper you assigned that is due tomorrow for class and it would be great if  you could  get back to me right away.  i need to know if it has to be 1,000 characters or 1,000 words.  i don’t think i ever picked up the syllabus. please reply as soon as you get this.


Plagiarism is confusing

Background provided by Instructor: : Students submit their papers to a site that screens for plagiarism…. a higher % indicates a greater probability that the paper is not the student’s original work; she is confused.

Hi I just looked at my essay matching thing and it said it is 3% and it is supposed to say 100% according to the example so I was just wondering if something is wrong with my essay.


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