Month: November 2018

Do you have extra credit?

Background from Instructor: I wrote to a student who missed the first exam; he has not attended class, and is missing one of several assignments. I let him know I am concerned about his ability to pass the class and asked that he schedule a time to come in to take the first exam. As a side note: I have offered 10 different extra credit opportunities throughout the semester, and those deadlines for completion have passed. These were posted to our class folder, handed out at the start of the semester, and announced each week in class. Instead of scheduling a time to come in to take the first exam he missed (worth 30% of his grade)  he writes:

Email from Student: I realize I am way behind in the class. I am wondering if there is any extra credit I could do instead of having to go back and read and study for the first exam.


It’s Saturday night but I expect an answer

Background provided by Instructor: It is near the end of the semester and I emailed all students who have missing assignments, urging them to get those in for reduced points. One student emails on Saturday evening to say she is upset that she is doing so poorly. I explain she is missing three assignments, and that I have emailed her several times about these over the past month. She says she did them but I point out they have not been submitted and to email them to me. After several back and forth emails, I point out it is Saturday evening and I need to go. I suggest she submit the missing assignments for me to grade as late (she’s lucky I am willing to accept them) and if she wants to meet me to discuss things further, she can come by during office hours. She then replies again:

Email from student: I have things to do too, but I am very concerned about my grade and do not want to fail a class when I did the work and passed it in, and am not getting credit for it. I realize it is Saturday night but you are the instructor and you should be answering any emails from students no matter when. I know I have had all semester to deal with this, but I am just now looking at my grades since it is the end of the semester.


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