Month: July 2011

Can I do the minimum?

Hi. I wanted to know if I have to continue doing my homework for your class. I realize that I could get a C this quarter and a C on my final and still end up with an A in the class. I am perfectly okay with this. If I am not allowed to stop doing your homework entirely, please consider accepting it late.


Don’t mind me sleeping!

Just wanted to let you know I fall asleep when not intellectually stimulated. There’s nothing I can do about it, it just happens. Thought you should know because I’ve had a lot of [course content] before so it’ll probably happen.



Email from a student who submitted a paper to the class folder which screens for originality/plagiarism….after the student got their originality report showing 100% match with the friend’s paper I got this email:

Hello Doctor X, i accidently sumited the wrong paper my friend sent me a paper to use as a guideline and without thinkin this morning i put my name on the top of the wrong paper and submited it can i plz submit the my paper as the paper i submited will be plagerism


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