Month: September 2013

Spoon-feeding 101

Background provided by Instructor: As part of the term paper assigned for the class, students are told to use APA style and are given links to resources such as, along with handouts explaining APA, and sample papers that use APA. This is a senior level class and I am stunned by the number of near-graduates who do not know how to write a paper or understand the basics of formatting their paper. The first assignment they are asked to turn in is a list of academic references they plan to use in their paper. It is due today and here is an email from a student:

I am a little confused about APA style. How does that work? Do I list the title of the article and then the journal? Does it need the year?  I haven’t had time to click on the link to the APA guide and I can’t find the handouts or notes from class. I wonder if you can just explain it again to me. Thanks.


What’s a deadline?

Background provided by Instructor: Somewhere along the way students lost the meaning of a deadline.  Too many wait until the last minute – literally. I feel this email represents way too many of today’s college students. For this class, the students are required to turn their papers online. Deadlines are spelled out and explained on the Syllabus, announced in class, and reminders are emailed weeks in advance to all students.

i’m writing to ask how i can turn in my assignment that was due last night… you said the folder was open until midnight so i went on at 11:59pm and was in the process of  figuring out how to submit it when the folder disappeared.


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