Month: July 2012

I don’t have the book

Background provided by Instructor: I received this email from a student telling me they do not have the required book to do the assignment (10 weeks into the semester). All books are sold in the campus bookstore and also placed on reserve in the university library. The student sent this email just 12 hours before the writing assignment over the paperback was due:

I am not sure what I can do because I do not have the book. If their is anyway you can help me please let me know. If there is a store I can pick it up at please let me know.


Do I have to do all assignments?

Background provided by Instructor: My class requires students to submit three writing assignments. These account for one-third of the final grade in the class. To be honest, I am not even sure what the student is asking (when they refer to additional points for reading).

I’m currently in your course. I have a weird question. Is there a penalty if a student is unable to turn in one of the three papers required for the class? As far as my current circumstances I don’t beleive I will be able to turn in the third paper. I’m going to try my levels best but I don’t see it coming. So, just to prepare myself (and you), do you cut additional points when student can’t turn in the required reading in the class besides the points he/she will loose already for not turning in the assignment.


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