Month: July 2013

Sorry, I don’t have Internet

Background provided by Instructor: I teach an online class which requires students to access the course regularly to post their reflection over the assigned lectures.  Due dates for these short reflections are clearly identified on the syllabus. I also send reminder emails.  On the night the assignment was due, a student wrote:

hi, i am at my parent’s house and they do not have internet so I won’t be able to do the assignment that is due by tonight. i thought i could just access the class via my cell phone, but it is impossible to listen to the lectures and view the video portion on my phone.  i’m writing to be sure it is okay if i do it tomorrow instead and just get it to you then. thank you for being so understanding.


I did not think I needed the textbook

Background provided by Instructor: The students are given a copy of the syllabus before the start of the course. It clearly states that the textbook is required and that all three exams will include material presented in the textbook. The book is for sale new or used, and is also on reserve in the campus library.   A student wrote to me 4 days before the last exam to say:

I’m worried because I  failed both exams so far in the course. I realize the textbook is required but I never bought it and now I am worried about passing the class. I have already gone home so I am not on campus to borrow the one on reserve in the library. Do you know if there is an online version I could look at before the last test?  I really want to pass the class.


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