Month: February 2011

I am waiting by my computer for your emails

(sent to professor at almost midnight)

i am confused about the paper you assigned that is due tomorrow for class and it would be great if  you could  get back to me right away.  i need to know if it has to be 1,000 characters or 1,000 words.  i don’t think i ever picked up the syllabus. please reply as soon as you get this.


Plagiarism is confusing

Background provided by Instructor: : Students submit their papers to a site that screens for plagiarism…. a higher % indicates a greater probability that the paper is not the student’s original work; she is confused.

Hi I just looked at my essay matching thing and it said it is 3% and it is supposed to say 100% according to the example so I was just wondering if something is wrong with my essay.


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