Background provided by Instructor: I taught a short online course that took place over three weeks between the semester break. All students were informed ahead of time that the course is a typical 15 week class condensed into just 3 weeks (15 days) and therefore requires daily attention and participation. While students were encouraged to work ahead, they were warned that falling behind would be problematic (“late assignments will not be accepted”).  After the first week, one student “disappeared” and did not respond to daily email inquiries for the entire second week. The student sent the following email. In addition, the student insisted I should accept that they essentially missed one-third of the class due to the family vacation and offer extensions for all missed work.

Student’s email: I would just like to apologize for how spotty I have been with assignments this past week. I have been on a Caribbean cruise with my family since Sunday, so I am doing the best I can. Thank you very much for your patients, it’s much appreciated.