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Grades are final?

Background from Instructor: It’s his third time taking Calculus with me….first two times he got a Low Pass, this time an F (with a 33 on the final exam. The mean was a 73). And my email to students announcing grades were posted said “Grades are final and based on the breakdown in the syllabus. Please don’t ask for extra credit or ways to improve your grade.”

Student’s email: I saw that final grades have been posted and I saw that I did not do well on the final. I know you said there were no extra credit opportunities, and not to ask if there was anything I could do to bring my grade up. I studied very hard for this final and it hurt me to see that I came up short. What can I do, if anything to bring my grade up, or will I have to prepare to take Calc I again. 


Do you have extra credit?

Background from Instructor: I wrote to a student who missed the first exam; he has not attended class, and is missing one of several assignments. I let him know I am concerned about his ability to pass the class and asked that he schedule a time to come in to take the first exam. As a side note: I have offered 10 different extra credit opportunities throughout the semester, and those deadlines for completion have passed. These were posted to our class folder, handed out at the start of the semester, and announced each week in class. Instead of scheduling a time to come in to take the first exam he missed (worth 30% of his grade)  he writes:

Email from Student: I realize I am way behind in the class. I am wondering if there is any extra credit I could do instead of having to go back and read and study for the first exam.


Can we discuss a solution?

Background provided by Instructor: After an exam, I post the answers for students to review. A student emailed me later in the day asking to meet with me. She said she had misunderstood the question and now that she has seen the correct answer, she would like to come to my office to meet with me to discuss a solution for missing the question.  All I could think as I read her email was: Really?

For one of the questions on the test, it asked for the most common change for xxxx and I thought it was therefore asking for simply the biggest change as in one answer and so I chose the biggest change, although all of them were changes from the past. I guess I misunderstood the wording of the question and was curious if maybe we could discuss a solution to my misunderstanding.


I know this is far fetched but….

Background provided by Instructor: I received this email from a student after the last class. Students were given several extra credit options  such as writing a paper, participating in an online discussion, or attending a speaker or related event on campus. This student did not take advantage of any of these, and now emails me to say:

I know this is probably far fetched, but I need an 100 on the exam, which I have been studying for all week. It’s not likely that this is going to happen, but is there any other extra credit assignments I could do?  I worked really hard in the class and I know the material thoroughly and it’s just a shame if I don’t receive the grade I’m looking for with how hard I worked.


Can I do the minimum?

Hi. I wanted to know if I have to continue doing my homework for your class. I realize that I could get a C this quarter and a C on my final and still end up with an A in the class. I am perfectly okay with this. If I am not allowed to stop doing your homework entirely, please consider accepting it late.


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