Rate Your Student is a website conceived in 2010 as a forum for faculty to publicly share incredible emails they have received from their college students.

Such emails astound you, stick with you, and may leave you speechless, rolling your eyes, or rolling around laughing. An incredible email from a college student makes you want to turn to your colleague and say, “Can you believe a student just sent me this?!” The creators, who have seen some incredible emails while working in the increasingly digital world of academe, decided it would be a rewarding project to host a forum for college faculty to share these “knock your socks off” emails. This site is where you can now share those emails.

Emails from college students can be funny, jaw-dropping, confusing, insensitive, unnecessary, inspiring, uplifting- the list goes on. Email is a form of personal expression, slightly more involved than the text message, and much less involved than a signed, sealed, and certified letter. Email is a vital tool for faculty-student communications, yet is often treated with casual disregard. This leads to the creation of some pretty memorable emails, especially when a paper is late, a class is missed, or a student needs a last-minute favor to avoid that failing grade!

Perhaps you have received an incredible email from one of your college students that you would like to submit!

That being said, please read our brief terms of service to get an idea for the types of incredible emails from college students that are accepted. You can also contact us if you have any questions.

In terms of the “rating” part of Rate Your Student, anyone is welcome to rate a posted email with a letter grade of A, B, C, D or Fail by clicking on that button below the post.