Background provided by Instructor: The following was emailed after final grades had been submitted for the semester.  It was an online course, so the comment about never checking emails is both infuriating and funny.  Where do they get the idea that grades are based on effort as a reward and not upon demonstration of knowledge?  This was a discussion-heavy course and this student would log in on the last day to “participate.”  – What he calls “being timely, intellectually involved” and “answering questions efficiently.”

I know this is a late request but I really feel as if my point total for the course did not reflect my efforts. I think I deserved points in certain areas where they were not rewarded. I understood the material and answered all of the questions efficiently. I know the material well enough to get high scores on the tests and seem to think that alone should reflect my knowledge in the course. Is there any way you could look through my discussion responses with a bit more leniency? I feel as though I am deserving of a much higher score in this course. As I hope I am not being pushy, it is frustrating when you are timely and intellectually involved in a class to the point where you can make an A on the final but still receive a C even with good discussion. Please let me know if you can help. Thank you!
I also missed the chance to do the last assessment because after I took the final I assumed that was it. I never checked the email. Is there any way I can submit it now?