I will tell you how to grade my assignment

Background provided by Instructor: I allowed a student to redo a writing assignment that was done incorrectly. The student did not follow the directions at all, and rather than give her zero points, I gave her the option to redo it. My policy is to accept papers within 1 week at reduced points.

Hey, I attached my paper you let me redo. I know it is after the deadline, but here it is. I expect full credit since I worked really hard on this – and technically had to write 2 papers for this class.

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Student Informs the Teacher How Grades Should be Calculated

Background provided by Instructor: The following was emailed after final grades had been submitted for the semester.  It was an online course, so the comment about never checking emails is both infuriating and funny.  Where do they get the idea that grades are based on effort as a reward and not upon demonstration of knowledge?  This was a discussion-heavy course and this student would log in on the last day to “participate.”  – What he calls “being timely, intellectually involved” and “answering questions efficiently.”

I know this is a late request but I really feel as if my point total for the course did not reflect my efforts. I think I deserved points in certain areas where they were not rewarded. I understood the material and answered all of the questions efficiently. I know the material well enough to get high scores on the tests and seem to think that alone should reflect my knowledge in the course. Is there any way you could look through my discussion responses with a bit more leniency? I feel as though I am deserving of a much higher score in this course. As I hope I am not being pushy, it is frustrating when you are timely and intellectually involved in a class to the point where you can make an A on the final but still receive a C even with good discussion. Please let me know if you can help. Thank you!
I also missed the chance to do the last assessment because after I took the final I assumed that was it. I never checked the email. Is there any way I can submit it now?

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I don’t have the book

Background provided by Instructor: I received this email from a student telling me they do not have the required book to do the assignment (10 weeks into the semester). All books are sold in the campus bookstore and also placed on reserve in the university library. The student sent this email just 12 hours before the writing assignment over the paperback was due:

I am not sure what I can do because I do not have the book. If their is anyway you can help me please let me know. If there is a store I can pick it up at please let me know.

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Do I have to do all assignments?

Background provided by Instructor: My class requires students to submit three writing assignments. These account for one-third of the final grade in the class. To be honest, I am not even sure what the student is asking (when they refer to additional points for reading).

I’m currently in your course. I have a weird question. Is there a penalty if a student is unable to turn in one of the three papers required for the class? As far as my current circumstances I don’t beleive I will be able to turn in the third paper. I’m going to try my levels best but I don’t see it coming. So, just to prepare myself (and you), do you cut additional points when student can’t turn in the required reading in the class besides the points he/she will loose already for not turning in the assignment.

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Educating the professor

Background provided by the instructor: In my small undergraduate seminar class, I corrected a student who was stating some things as “facts” – which were actually inaccurate representations of the research in my area of scholarship.  After class, I followed up via email with the student just to clarify. Here is the student’s reply to my email:

Dear Dr.  ___:

It is pretty pathetic when the student has to educate the professor on the research!

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I have to buy books?

Background: Students seem to resent having to purchase books for class. A month before the course started, I sent an email to students informing them of the books needed. I explained that in addition to a new  textbook, there are 3 required paperbacks that will form the basis of 3 writing assignments. I encouraged them to find used copies of the 3 paperbacks – perhaps from a student who took the class last semester or search online.  One student sent me this email in response:

so we HAVE to buy all four of these books? First semester i bought 5 books and i only uses 2 of them. Trying to limit what i need to buy and what the bookstore can keep.

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Can I do the minimum?

Hi. I wanted to know if I have to continue doing my homework for your class. I realize that I could get a C this quarter and a C on my final and still end up with an A in the class. I am perfectly okay with this. If I am not allowed to stop doing your homework entirely, please consider accepting it late.

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Don’t mind me sleeping!

Just wanted to let you know I fall asleep when not intellectually stimulated. There’s nothing I can do about it, it just happens. Thought you should know because I’ve had a lot of [course content] before so it’ll probably happen.

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Email from a student who submitted a paper to the class folder which screens for originality/plagiarism….after the student got their originality report showing 100% match with the friend’s paper I got this email:

Hello Doctor X, i accidently sumited the wrong paper my friend sent me a paper to use as a guideline and without thinkin this morning i put my name on the top of the wrong paper and submited it can i plz submit the my paper as the paper i submited will be plagerism

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What? I did not get an A?

I just checked my grades and I am only getting a C in your class. How can this be?  This is an elective and I took it because I expected to get an A…… I had even heard it was an easy A. How come you are giving me a C?

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