Spoon-feeding 101

Background provided by Instructor: As part of the term paper assigned for the class, students are told to use APA style and are given links to resources such as http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/, along with handouts explaining APA, and sample papers that use APA. This is a senior level class and I am stunned by the number of near-graduates who do not know how to write a paper or understand the basics of formatting their paper. The first assignment they are asked to turn in is a list of academic references they plan to use in their paper. It is due today and here is an email from a student:

I am a little confused about APA style. How does that work? Do I list the title of the article and then the journal? Does it need the year?  I haven’t had time to click on the link to the APA guide and I can’t find the handouts or notes from class. I wonder if you can just explain it again to me. Thanks.

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