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A Crowbar?

Background from Instructor: I got an email from a student asking where they could find the reading on A Crowbar. It took me a few seconds but then I realized that they meant Alfred Louis Kroeber, an important anthropologist and … Continue reading

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Very confused

Background provided by Instructor:Despite detailed instructions, I received this email from a student. It just makes me think: SAY WHAT?!?! How will our university look when this student enters the workplace? Geez. Email from Student: I am so confused. I … Continue reading

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How dare you take off points for being late!

An instructor sent this email they received from a student: Student’s email: Hey, im writing about my participation: like I said, I think its unfair to cut points just for being late, you didn’t even ask why? And I had … Continue reading

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Do I have to do the entire assignment?

Background provided by Instructor: One of the assignments for my online class involves answering a series of questions for each lesson. Each assignment is worth 5% of the final grade. I have rarely had this kind of email from a … Continue reading

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If it’s so hard to believe…..

Background provided by Instructor: In my large class of several hundred, I require weekly online quizzes over the textbook readings that count 30% of a student’s grade. In announcements at the start of class, I always remind students to be … Continue reading

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Do I have to do all assignments?

Background provided by Instructor: My class requires students to submit three writing assignments. These account for one-third of the final grade in the class. To be honest, I am not even sure what the student is asking (when they refer … Continue reading

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I am waiting by my computer for your emails

(sent to professor at almost midnight) i am confused about the paper you assigned that is due tomorrow for class and it would be great if  you could  get back to me right away.  i need to know if it … Continue reading

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Plagiarism is confusing

Background provided by Instructor: : Students submit their papers to a site that screens for plagiarism…. a higher % indicates a greater probability that the paper is not the student’s original work; she is confused. Hi I just looked at … Continue reading

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